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I am Senetta Kekkou. My sole purpose is to avenge my family. However if you wish to talk to me feel free... I don't bite. To much.
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*TMNT RP 2K12, 2k3 and most others. I am ok with other Fandoms Rping with me.**

Finally Here || ask-donatello-the-brains and senettakekkou

Swiftly Senetta leaped from one roof top to the next. Looking around New York City she wondered why any one would attempt to live here. Right and left people where getting mugged or threatened in some way. The smog in the air left you hacking as the tar like taste lingered in your mouth. The skyscrapers where indeed impressive and the lights were beautiful. Yet compared to home in Japan this was a concrete jungle that was not even remotely close to Tokyos splendor. Though she her self lived in the country side in Japan.

Finally she landed on a small apartment complex in the bad part of town. Finding the man responsible for killing her family would not be as easy a task as she thought. Sighing she sat down on the roof and tore open her fast food.

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    Smiling she started to think of her own family. “I have a feeling the wont take kindly to strangers.” Finally happy she...
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    "I have three. Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo." He smiled, looking at her. She was quite the ally. Teaming up with...
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